Daily Chiefers Presents: Our Favorite Projects Of The Week


Crisp air floods your lungs as you plan the treacherous route to the store for another pack of fronto, but alas all they have is grabba leaf. Well, you think to yourself that the road is too unpredictable and the yule log needs to be burnt regardless. So you suck that shit up and smoke the weed because who cares, it’s the holidays you snobby chode. Anyways we got some fire projects this week to dive into.

Cincinnati’s Roadrunner TB drops off some tales from his side of the tracks with the emphatic STL Stories. Lil Mexico links up with super-producer JetsonMade for his energetic tape from the gutter called Life Of An Outlaw. GRiMM Doza returns to gift us his newest EP entitled Off The Strength. Two budding geniuses in the game Lil Gotit and 10Fifty pair up yet again for HoodFifty. Zellyocho, 12 Honcho and Sarob provided very poignant projects to round out the year.

Roadrunner TB – STL Stories

Lil Mexico – Life Of An Outlaw

Lil Gotit & 10Fifty – HoodFifty

12 Huncho – Pangea

Zellyocho – Dead Or Alive

GRiMM Doza – Off The Strength

Sarob – Fear & Impermanence

Kwaku Asante – honeycomb

Rosegrown Records – A Ride Down Rosecrans


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