Daily Chiefers Presents: Our Top Projects of the Week


Last week, we had a slew of major releases drop, but once again, it’s the underground that was on fire last week. After receiving mixed reviews on their most recent project, Meet Us Outer Space, Detroit buzzmakers Drego & Beno return with an insanely dope project to help resolve the situation titled Sorry For The Auto Tune.

In amidst of the chaos, Texas rapper and Chiefers favorite Sad Frosty dropped off his long-awaited release, Playground, alongside my personal favorite from this week, Atlanta rapper Surf‘s new EP, SURFSZN. We also include Lil Peep, Abby JasmineArmani White, Thouxanbanfauni, and Wiki. Check ’em out below, and stay tuned for next week.

Drego & Beno – Sorry For The Auto Tune

Sad Frosty – Playground


Armani White – Keep In Touch

Wiki – OOFIE

Thouxanbanfauni – October 34th

Lil Peep – Everybody’s Everything

Abby Jasmine – I Hate You All


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