Daily Chiefers Presents: Top Projects of the Week


With the year winding down, it looks like things are going to slow down until the holidays hit, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down. While that seems to be the case, good music is always making its way to the masses whether we like it or not. This week, we once again find ourselves knee-deep within the many releases.

One standout for me has to be the Pasto Flocco EP, Distinct. As expected, Pasto is continuing to past up each local artist with each new release, and Distinct is no different.

Dallas, Texas’ Lando Grimes is new to our pages, but his latest EP BAD (REP)utation is definitely a great introduction to our pages. It’s gritty, filled with substance, and is a perfect addition to your weekend playlist. Our guy AR finally dropped off his long-awaited EP, the prelude to his upcoming album.

Overall this week was pretty fucking dope, with a slew of newcomers hitting the site such as WADE08, Erupt, Lando GrimesChristian Royce and Grandma, including some old favorites such Pasto Flocco, Rod Wave, AR, Thouxanbanfauni and many others. Check it out below.

Pasto Flocco – Distinct

WADE08 – Blap

Christian Royce – Stay Young

AR – Man Time

Thouxanbanfauni – October 34th

Reese LAFLARE – Final Fantasy

Rod Wave – Ghetto Gospel

Lil Mosey – Certified Hitmaker

Iann Dior – Industry Plant

Teejay3k – Soul Searchin

Lando Grimes – BAD (REP)utation

Thutmose – Don’t Wake Me

Grandma – Even If We Don’t Get It Together

Tedy Andreas – Andreas Soriano

Erupt – Law Of Attraction


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