Daily Chiefers Presents: Top Videos of the Month


So music discovery and “blogging” has become so ridiculous to cover, that we decided to slow things down a bit and give the people some recaps to catch up on. Here at Daily Chiefers, we understand that sometimes you need a plug to keep you up to date, so we combed through the bullshit and found our favorite videos from the past week or so (not everything here is going to be from the past week, don’t be a little bitch about it.)

From Boston’s Michael Christmas, to recent Awful Records signee Hanzo, and all the way to Lil Mexico, there’s a flavor here for everyone. We round out the list with a posthumous release from Jayo Sama, may he rest in peace and we thank him for the art he gifted while he was here. Yes, there is an abundance of content in these times, but the talent is hardly lacking. Competition is pushing these new artists to stay relevant as the time passes. Peep the gas below and we’ll see you next week.

Michael Christmas – “Triple H”

Hanzo – Civic

Curtis Waters – Kilos

RugRat OD – “Trenches”

GUCCI $ANTANA – “Taliban”


Xanman – “Dark”

Foreign Jay – “Still Tippin”

Lil GotIt feat. Lil Baby – “Da Real HoodBabies Remix”

Yung Bans – “How Da Game Go”

Yung Bambi – “Intro”
Shot & Edited by Andrew Goach

Lil Mexico feat. NGeeYL – “Goin’ Dumb”

Egovert – “Apollo!”

Jack Harlow – “Heavy Hitter”

Mick Jenkins feat. Qari – “Percy”

Sheff G – “We Gettin Money”

MemoTheMafioso – “DoughBoy”

10cellphones – “LEAN”

LiL SATAN – “Broward”
Directed By JMP

Jayo Sama – “Home Invasion”


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