Daily Chiefers Survival Guide: Video Production 101


Over the past years of paying attention to musicians and creating my music videos, I wanted to share my ideas on the topic. I think I have an opinion on some best practices for planning and etiquette during a shoot. Tap in.

1. Know what you want!

Just having an idea for what you are going to do will dictate a lot of the nuances of a video. For example, if you wanted something to resemble a more traditional video with a lot of cool edits, you may enlist a videographer to help; however, if you wanted something similar to a film, you would want to work with a cinematographer (Yes, there is a difference). So know what you want and do a little planning.

2. Be able to communicate your idea

Working with other people, you need to be able to explain what you want effectively. This will expedite the process, and you’ll be able to bring your truest ideas to light. This may seem very obvious, but it’s easier said than done.

3. Expect to be behind schedule

While shooting, you mostly never are on time. In any video production, people are sometimes overzealous and over plan for the allotted time. So in the situation of running out of time, you may have to kill your darlings. Dropping shots may be a hard decision, but focus on the MUST HAVE shots to fulfill the story.

4. Create enjoyable energy on set

Shooting can be a stressful time but remember to have fun. This will allow for a more open environment for the performers and extras. You might get something you didn’t even expect from the talent. Enjoy yourself!


The art of color correction is often overlooked, but this makes a big difference in the final product. This could take your video from looking like a low-budget porno to the next edition in Quentin Tarantino’s catalog. Invest the time and money into color correction.


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