DailyChiefers Exclusive: The Nappy Roots Interview Part 1 [Video]


The early 2000s were a time when an unknown crew from Kentucky became the biggest rap outfit in music. They dropped a chart topping record, toured with Jay-Z, and worked with some of the best artists on the come up. Today, The Nappy Roots are still one of the hardest working hip-hop crews in the game. They are constantly on tour, with over 200 shows a year, and they are pushing solid projects and solo studio efforts yearly. With numbers like that on their touring schedule it is no surprise that they made it out to the remote town of Telluride, Colorado for the only hip-hop show the mountain village saw all year. Naturally them country boys sold out the legendary Roma Bar music venue, and made their mark with a hype show for the record books. Chiefer Adam caught up with them before the gig, and chopped it up about their newly found independent status, past collabs, working with producers, and the bright future of the group. This is Part I of that conversation.


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