Daniel Hex Drops Off His Set Of Visuals To The Angelic Opus “Godspeed”


As the gentle waves of euphoria creep into your ear drums, you realize this isn’t a permanent high, but instead it’s the vivacious musical styling of Daniel Hex. Pairing with the young genius Liam Walsh to direct these frames, we see Hex with the gang in a rural setting. Instead of focusing on the backdrop, the aim is to let Daniel shine in the fullest, and this is exactly what Walsh did.

With additional vocals from Rossi Blue, guitar from Cheer Captain and piano handled by Slate, it looks as if Hex has quite the stellar backing. The fusion of modern 808s kicking meshed with Hex’s aerated vocal tone makes this wave so distinctive. The tender approach allows the listener to be moved by the potent emotions. As the Material Girl imprint spreads, it’s only a matter of time before the sparks catch. Tap in below and we’ll be back soon with another large batch of gas.



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