DeathbyRomy & 24kGoldn Link For The Remix of “Problems” and It’s Fire!


Los Angeles natives DeathbyRomy and 24kGoldn connect for the remix of Romy‘s big hit, “Problems” produced by Lindgren. The original that was dropped last year by Romy is creeping up on ten-million plays and she re-introduces the song with the man behind “CITY OF ANGELS” 24kGoldn. The anti-pop record takes us through the problems of Romy and 24k adds his own twist on the song as well. Both artists have been having quite a year with viral songs and being some of the most talked about artists in the underground and now industry.

I’m a huge fan of this remix and excited to see how Romy and 24k do the rest of the year. The Los Angeles artists seem to have more on the way so stay in tune with DeathbyRomy and 24kGoldn to see what comes next. In the meantime, check out the “Problems” official remix, out now!


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