Denzel Curry Announces TA13OO Pre Order w/ “Clout Cobain”


Denzel Curry is back with a surprise announcement! His highly anticipated third studio album TA13OO is set to release on July 27th and Curry dropped off “Clout Cobain Clout Co13a1n” to satisfy the fans until then! This album is unique due to its triple format, going one through four for the first and last sequence, and having a fifth in the middle.

To add to its individuality, Curry includes his popular singles “Sumo Zumo” (formerly “Sumo”) and “Percs Percz” to give a glimpse at what the special formatting could mean. If the eye catching cover art is any indicator, we are in for a classic from Curry as he strays from the pack to carve out his own lane. “Clout Cobain Clout Co13a1n” is a smooth track with an infectious melody that Curry uses to display his signature flow over while slowing it down for a track where he explains that he is just trying to feel himself while everyone else is trying to get him to attack himself. Give the new track a listen below, and be on the lookout for more heat coming from this talented artist’s way!



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