Destin Laurel Goes Above And Beyond In Visual For “Burts & Bees”


I don’t know what they’re feeding these kids in Atlanta, but I swear the talent there is unmatched. Atlanta is a hip-hop hotspot, and it continues to produce more and more talented rappers as the years go by. One of my new favorites out of Atlanta is an 18 year old artist that goes by the name of Destin Laurel. Now make sure you remember that name, because I have a feeling you’re going to be seeing it much more in the future.

Destin has been going pretty hard recently, and has just dropped the visuals for his extremely popular track “burts & bees”. Off the rip, the track is extremely catchy. Destin drops some great bars, and also delivers a memorable hook. Production on this track is also very smooth. Hat’s off to Benocchio and Ricokts for putting together a high-energy beat that will have you jumping. The visuals for this track are really nice. The majority of the video takes place at a skatepark, with Destin Laurel rapping the lyrics while doing various activities. Both the cinematography and the effects on this track are dope, and I gotta give a huge shoutout Mattfilmedit for putting it together. This track and the accompanying visual are gems. I’ve linked them down below so you can check them out!


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