Detroit Native Zayzayy Checks In With His Fire New Album, ‘A Story Yet Told’


Self-reflection is an important human trait. While we always have the opinions of others to determine our place in the world — cause that always works — the ability to look in the mirror and decide what’s necessary and what needs to be improved is crucial. On the debut album for Midwest native, Zayzayy, he taps into A Story Yet Told.

Showcasing lyrical abilities that place his pen amongst a special group of his peers, Zay spends most of the album sharing the journey of a man searching for salvation in the jungle. Despite knowing his actions are wrong, the motives behind them aren’t always negative and the juxtaposition of those ideals is the main theme of this album. With standouts like, “Mercy” and “Lottery” building on those themes, A Story Yet Told is a great introduction to the Detroit rapper. Press play on the album below and get hip to Zayzayy.



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