Check Out Albany Rapper DiMi’s New Record “Tired Of Living”


Albany’s DiMi drops off his energetic new album, Tired Of Living, and once again restores our faith in upstate New York’s music scene. If it’s not Lil Baby Suplex or any of the Glockstars, then it just isn’t the same. DiMi curates a arrogant blend of bars throughout these 12-tracks. Though the title is so dark, most of these cuts are uptempo slaps for the function. The entire project was produced by Lonely, the Glockstars in-house work horse. This instrumentation is half of the battle to get the listener to want stick aorund. DiMi impresses me throughout this one, its amazing that he doesn’t have more of a following. His sound is consistent and Lonely’s beats are always a huge asset to any artist. Stream the madness below.



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