Donald Grunge Makes a Spotlight for Himself With “So Sorry” Music Video


Massachusetts artist Donald Grunge makes a spotlight for himself with this music video to “So Sorry”. Dropping In Gleem I Trust this past week I haven’t been able to listen to anything else besides it so following it up with this video is brilliant. Produced by Isaiah Valmont is this extremely distinct beat that sounds like nothing else. With the tone set, Grunge comes in straight for the hook which immediately captivates you. Everything from flexing in the lyrics to the delivery and everything in between is just so well executed. 

For the video aspect, Daymian Meija snapped with the direction. The song is a hit this video captures that and emphasizes it. The swaying spotlight throughout the video gives it this personality and shows that Grunge belongs there. If you haven’t yet, bless yourself and go listen to In Gleem I trust because it’s a Gleem year. 


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