Don’t Be A Letdown Larry


I will never understand why these people love to commit to things they couldn’t get done in the first place. I guess it’s to dangle the hope that you will continuously take the bait until their favors are fulfilled. And it sucks being a solid person who always takes care of their network, because there are so many letdowns, so often. We move forward with every breath so I’ll leave you with this. Be a helpful Harold and not a letdown Larry.

Tino Szn – Controlled Chaos

Tino Szn will continue to set the scene on fire with his music; this project is no different. In just seven cuts the electricity bleeds through the seams yet again, but on a whole other level. “Wicked” sits at that powerful three spot, but flows into “Down” and “Buzzsaw” with wondrous ease. As a modern artist paving their own lane, especially in modern times, there are endless comparisons that clutter the air. Those don’t matter though because Tino is him, simple and plain. The live shows are insane because he leaves it all on the stage. Do yourself a favor and take the time for Controlled Chaos above.

benihxnx – Stuck

This is benihxnx first time on our pages and it certainly won’t be the last by any means. With his infectious cut “Stuck”, you hear a fusion of infectious drill cadences melded atop Jersey club drums. His raspy vocals add a rich layering to the soundscape enticing the ear to take a deeper dive. Music has developed into a game of entertainment again, past all of the antics. This is just great futuristic music for the world to discover. benihxnx is making some noise, don’t be late to the party.

Walden – Taking It Slow

When these psychedelic songs come along they have to be top-tier to get our attention. And Walden‘s “Taking It Slow” is just that brilliant. You could say there are obvious similarities between our protagonist and a certain well-known alternative group but that doesn’t deter its individual prowess. It’s also no surprise that elevated music such as this comes from Denver, a higher plane where this four-piece of creative bliss will continue to flourish. “Taking It Slow” is a triumphant, pure, and stellar introduction to Walden’s world. Get acquainted to this heat above.

Los Kemet – F&N

Los Kemet is one of those names who deserve way more attention than the world has given him. That’s okay though because the talent never dwindles no matter whos listening. With his visuals for “Fuckery & Noise” we see more of what we already know. His pen is lethal, and the beat selection elevates his lyrical prowess. This DIY aspect of visual presentation exudes not only originality but a feeling of unwavering confidence. Los Kemet is a name to know so tap all the way in.

Bucky Malone – Nothing To Be Said

Yet another Bucky drop for another day, but this video takes inspiration from the Color Studios’ performance series. He floats as usual, utilizing his unorthodox styling to disorient the ear before making peace with it. Malone doesn’t skip to the beat of anyone’s drum other than his own. Instead, this man continuously gifts us with constant, quality content. Get hip to Bucky Malone, if not this time, he’ll be dropping again in soon time!


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