Drakeo The Ruler Proves Why He’s The Best Out With “Betchua Freestyle”


Need we really say more about Drakeo The Ruler? The LA rapper has emerged as the king of the West Coast over the past couple of years, and his reign has no end in sight. “Thank You For Using GTL,” which was released in June, was recorded entirely over the phone while Drakeo was incarcerated in Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles. It was one of the most stunningly original LA rap albums in a long time, and it revealed Drakeo‘s relentless drive and stunning creative vision. Before this, he released “#FreeDrakeo,” which spotlighted his laid-back style and unexpected word choices.

And he’s sprinting across the finish line as 2020 comes to a close. He’s back with a video for “Betchua Freestyle,” which encompasses everything that’s great about him. His flow is pitch perfect, and he’s able to keep the momentum going during the nearly-seven-minute-long song. We couldn’t be happier that Drakeo is out, and we can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us in 2021.


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