Drakeo The Ruler Recruits Drake For An Electrifying Feature On “Talk to Me”


Los Angeles legend Drakeo the ruler is home free and is without a doubt picking up right where he left off! The influential west coast rapper is responsible for the majority of the rising sound coming out of California right now. Drakeo‘s iconic, drowned-out sonic delivery and lyrical content full of real street pain is why there’s such a mass allure to his brand. Teasing the confirmation of a Drake feature on social media a few months back, the track has finally fallen in our presence. 

On “Talk to Me,” Drake enters with a laid-back catchy melodic chorus, infused with vulnerable punchlines about love, relationships, and heartbreak. This track is not by any means your typical Drakeo song. Straying away from his normal west coast production, The Ruler is able to deliver with same intriguing vocal inflections. Stream The Truth Hurts in its entirety below.


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