DRAM Is Ready To “WHAM!” In New Video


Who said R&B is dead? In fact, you could say it’s hitting harder than ever when it’s hitting right these days and few are doing anything close to what DRAM just gave us. The Virginia native blessed us with his new video for his lead single “WHAM!” off of his latest album What Had Happened Waswhich drops today. “WHAM!” is a one-of-a-kind slow jam that immediately sets the tone at any function or intimate moment.

A true “top-of-the-playlist” kinda track, there’s no way you won’t catch yourself letting out a “WHAM!” by the end of the video. If you know where to look you might catch a Bakery Boy or two in the flick too. Do yourself a favor and peep the video below, then go stream What Had Happened Was.


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