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The Szns – Set On My High

The Szns is the future of R&B and his new single exudes pure energy. This lustful and loyal single “Set On My High” has shades of Tiller but made with a distinct difference. The Szn‘s voice is more precise in my opinion, able to cut on a dime and unveil a vocal run like none other. The songwriting encapsulates a feeling of passion that can’t be ignored. Truly it’s only a matter of time until this young man is a household name. Until then peep the wave.

Connis and loe4t are an unreal team steamrolling any preconceived notion of what music should sound like. They have paired up for “Kitchen Chemistry”, a wondrous soundscape of mellow chords and brilliant songwriting. Loe4t is truly one of the best musicians behind the scenes linking with She Loves Boon, Hadji Gaviota and now Connis. Though the vocal’s certainly catch the alley oop and slam it down emphatically, this duo will make a new fan with every listen. Do yourself a favor and peep the bliss above.

This is beautifully full of boisterous energy and taunts the opposition who tries to ignore. Naduh shows and proves with their new single “Legacy” and the energy we are presented is often imitated but rarely duplicated. You can feel the aggression of the tonality and cadence, but it’s still cool, calm and collected. Instead of getting out of pocket, our protagonist shines in a realm all their own. Making for stellar punchlines atop a beat that basks in simplicity. Naduh is on to something, so don’t sleep.

Galaxy Francis has just dropped off a poignant new EP called intergalactic: side a. This project stuns from start to finish with a feeling of triumph and self exploration. The intro “aka galaxy – freestyle” is nothing short of brilliant. With features from Jay Wood, Icy LS, Chan000 and Manasseh, these four cuts and an interlude all meld together effortlessly. “The Shining” possesses a joyous bounce from the beats and the cadence that Wood and Francis build off of. This opus is brief, but that doesn’t take away from the quality and feeling. It does quite the opposite. Keeps us begging for more and waiting patiently until the next drop. If you’re not hip to Galaxy Francis, it’s time to change that.


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