Dro Kenji Unveils His Magnificent Debut Entitled “Tears & Pistols”


Another day, another IM member at the top of the world and this go round it’s Dro Kenji. In just ten cuts we’re are further acquainted with the potential star power and immense talent this project represents. Tears & Pistols is emotional and rugged in two different lanes. “Sing Her A Song” and “Save Me” will move the listener provoking strong feelings and kinetic energy to rock with.

You do hear hints of Juice in his tone, but Kenji‘s voice has a unique twang unlike the rest of the modern pack. On “Codeine Punch” Dro utilizes a smokey falsetto through the chorus and floats with strong melodies from start to finish. There is a definite style that Internet Money grooms their artists to follow, but it’s because of the production. They make anthem music that focuses on touching the masses instead of a small grouping of ears.

Dro Kenji will be around for a while because this is a very impressive introduction to the world. With production from John Luther, Nick Mira, Isaiah Valmont, Rio Leyva, and damn near every producer on the team, its proven that you’re getting straight hits. With the only feature from Ty Fontaine on “Blowing You Down”, its hard to miss the fact that this is a real family affair. Internet Money has done it yet again, so tap into Tears & Pistols below.


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