E The Profit Returns With His Acoustic Visuals For “Bluegrass”


Since the release of E‘s debut project E For Effortless, the Elsmere, Kentucky-bred rapper has extended the reach of his sound. Making it to the Rap Caviar IG and Most Necessary playlist on Spotify and The New Midwest On Apple Music, the stats are there matching to the wave.

E‘s ability is straight to the point and always avoids the frills or any gimmicks. He just makes great rap songs that bask in glorious simplicity. This go-round, E pairs with the director, Jordan Phillips, for the Acoustic variation of “Bluegrass”. With some assistance from Ned Beats, this gives the song a chance to shine from a different dynamic. The minimalist instrumentation makes each punchline hit that much harder.

E stands for Equestrian in this case, taking his talents to the ranch. He’s a Kentucky boy, tried and true, never letting us forget what raised him. E is opening for bbno$ on December 3rd, cop some tickets here soon because they will sell out quickly. And Do yourself a favor and peep this masterful set of scenes below.


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