E The Profit Returns With His Emphatic Visuals For “J Randle”


E has continuously shown and proved why he is meant to be in the bigger conversation. His style is unforgiving, with no frills or gimmicks, just raps, and music meant to be blasted at full volume. Though he’s passed some personal goals, this is just the very beginning of a long-winded career. “J Randle” resides in that boisterous realm that we’ve all come to know and love from E. With production from the astounding Rocco Roy, this cut is like a raging bull ready to escape.

The visuals are special as well to say the very least. Creativeflow.mp4 aka Andrew Barrett handled the direction and edits turning a few basic settings into unreal scenes of vivacity. The SFX and VFX only add to the already pristine zest of the video, but this man really bodied the shots. Hopefully, E and Barrett continue to work because this is truly our favorite video from The Profit thus far.

You really can stop or stifle what E is doing. His music is great, not good and it’s only getting better with each release. He doesn’t need you to understand right now because they all will get it eventually. Do yourself a favor and peep it all below.


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