East Atlanta’s 2FeetBino Has Nothing to Hide on “In Da Spot”


2FeetBino is back and continuing his latest run of singles with “In Da Spot”. This is a hard-hitting trap banger, where 2FeetBino links up with 4l Quan. Making for one of my favorite tracks by him, and it comes with an irresistible hook. On this record, Bino talks about how he stays strapped, and he’ll “Put your favorite rapper on a T”. The conviction in his voice allows the listener to truly understand where he’s coming from. Quan comes with a slightly autotuned cadence that brings a nice change of pace to the track. He continues to push the same themes that Bino was rapping about before the feature. 

The music video for this track is hilarious as well. You get to see Bino in the spot posted with guns and some drank but what makes this video so amusing is that he has a puppet version of himself. The puppet seems so out of place that it works, giving the video a slightly more humorous tone. However, you can tell these guys are about what they are saying, so I wouldn’t snicker too loud. 


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