Eastbaytae Floats in “Attire”


Ohio native Eastbaytae floats in his latest video for “Attire”. Following and covering Tae since just after he got started, the progression is insane. Hanging around people like K Suave, PnB Rock and others, you have to take that shit as inspiration. For this track we get this bubbly yet soothing beat from PinkGrillz that sets the tone for Tae. He then comes in with a melodic flow that captures your attention right from the start. Tae loves to rap about girls whether it’s heartbreak or anything else, in almost every song of his we can hear how much females are on his mind. Which many people can relate to.

While the song is fire we have acknowledge this top tier video from Marko. Tae‘s sound is so different that he needs a style to match that and what these two did in this video together brought the song to live. Two creatives with different minds bouncing off each other, it makes sense. With that being said all I can say is Eastbaytae continues to impress the shit out of me and this is one of my favorites yet.


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