Eem Tripplin Delivers the Visual for His Standout “Awkward Freestyle”


First emerging as a frequent collaborator of $NOT on the production side, Eem Tripplin has cemented himself as a unique voice coming out of the Soundcloud world. Since charting on Soundcloud, “Awkward Freestyle” has gone viral on Instagram and TikTok thanks to the catchy, spacey flow and a bouncy instrumental.

While “Awkward Freestyle” might be Eem‘s first taste of virality, it’s far from his first swing at rapping. The Johnstown, PA native has been building his sound for the past three years as well as producing “Revenge” and several other songs for Palm Beach rapper, $NOT, among other artists. Eem‘s vocals have steadily improved over that span of time really honing in on the dreamy, melodic sound we know and love today. Check the Declan Kyle-directed video for “Awkward Freestyle” below.


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