Everything Takes Time, Then Time Takes Everything


I’ve been a patient soul, but an impatient man over these years on the earth. I get very frustrated and confused by a number of emotions that run through my mind each day. And really what I choose to do professionally adds a great deal of stress. But as an adult you really have to pick your poison. Would I rather slave for someone else who not only makes more than me monetarily but also doesn’t show an ounce of respect to me or the work I do? Or would I rather tough it out in the world of small business where respect or money doesn’t come easy either? I guess the latter of the two, but still, I search for some peace of mind. I think I’ve gotten to the point where Chiefers is a real journal for me. I used to dive into writing so excitedly but now honestly it feels like a chore. But I do have some gifts and I won’t deny my decent prowess, but my patience for all of this grows thin. The ups and downs of life are no different than that of the industry. Everything takes time, then time takes everything. I’m doing okay, don’t worry it’s just 2:15 AM, I reek of Za and I’m overthinking, love you have fun.

Swxm – Pew Pew Pew

This one is a perfect blend of gentle flows, but with energy showing it’s wave at the right moments. Swxm was sent by a trusted ear and I’m glad they did because the melding of talents on this is special. With a hilariously memorable chorus and precise styling, “Pew Pew Pew” will stay in my rotation for a while.

Rapgamewill – I Got A Story To Tell

This is my first encounter with Rapgamewill and his music, but this five-song EP is incredibly easy to digest. With cuts like “Broughton St” and “August 11, 1973”, we are shown a true identity behind the name. Will doesn’t focus on flare or frills when it comes to his sound, instead, he showcases real music with the stellar trait of storytelling. Very few artists can do it like him, so get hip above.

October Jonez – 8 PM In Dallas

October Jonez “8pm In Dallas” is an infectious Southern-inspired styling, but Jonez resides in Ohio. His tone is unique to say the least and the mood that this gives off forces your neck to break. Great music has a stellar bounce to it, doesn’t over-complicate things and continues to build momentum as the song goes on. Jonez does all of these things and he does it with a brilliant style. From Ohio to Texas, October is a name to know.

Too High – CA The Don

Another offering from a Texas artist and “Too High” seems to be an aptly titled wave. CA The Don is making his first appearance on our pages, but after peeping this one we don’t think it’ll be the last. His tonality is unlike that of which we’d think a Texas artist would possess, but still intrigues the ear. CA turns elements of Southern rap into a house groove on the back end of this one, melding these genres effortlessly. Don’t sleep on the bro, this one is solid.

Bucky Malone – Gumbo

Bucky Malone Featuring Innanet James – 2345

Bucky has been dropping heat and it won’t stop anytime soon. With two new cuts “2345” featuring Innanet James and “Gumbo” produced by frequent collaborator WiFiGawd. With a consistent batch of gas dropping weekly, it’s no surprise that Malone is catching some solid momentum. Until the next few drops peep it all above.


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