Exclusive: Check Out The Winners to our Second Instagram Live Review


Last Friday, our second OFFICIAL Instagram Live-Stream Contest followed up last week’s strong. The submissions we got this time nearly doubled our last review and there were no skips at all; every single one of you came with the heat. However, for this series, I have finally narrowed it down to my personal Top 5 favorite submissions based on a few different criteria:

  • Different – did this submission stand out, not only from the other submissions but also from what’s hot right now?
  • Potential – did this submission showcase the artist’s potential to grow into something even crazier over time?
  • Hard – was that sh*t hard?

So without further ado, allow me to present you with the top 5 submissions that have officially received the Daily Chiefers Stamp of Approval.

  1. Memoria XI 

I’ve been hip to Memoria for a minute, but after hearing his most recent drop during our live stream I think it’s safe to say that the kid is really about to be a problem in this industry. It would be impossible to overlook the strength in his vocals as he highlights a powerful vibrato that floats off the end of each note. As you listen, it’s clear that there is a calculated smoothness to his flow as it carries you with it throughout the journey that is, “Monte Carlo.” This track blew me away for being different, showing INCREDIBLE potential, and for being so Fire for reasons I can’t even clearly transcribe into words. This sh*t just hard.

2. Cxldface

Cxldface has been going absolutely crazy this past week, and the reasons showed when his song came up during our live stream; this dude is extremely versatile and knows exactly how to tug at your heartstrings. With sounds ranging from alt-rock to hip-hop, Cxldface has put his own twist on what’s hot right now and made it even hotter. The complexity of his melodies over this uptempo trap beat is astonishing and incredibly catchy. It’s no surprise to me how quickly this song has gone up over the past week. This submission was hard and I see amazing commercial potential for him to really dominate their own lane.

3. Nick Devitt

Nick Devitt is a name we’re very familiar with over at Chiefers, but this submission was far from the Nick Devitt we’re familiar with in all the right ways. The SoCal native has been steadily building a hip hop presence in the underground scene for a minute, but with his most recent release, “Prisons to Playgrounds,” he completely turns that style of music up on its head with a fresh new approach to pop/punk that is absolutely incredible. Nick has gone on to say that he actually wrote the song for a close friend who called him in tears one day saying that he, “needed to hear the voice of a loved one because he was going through a really rough depression.” Nick wrote this song immediately after that phone call and the lyrics will touch your soul. This record blew me away for being completely different than anything I have heard from Nick before and can definitely be coined as a certified Heater. It’s a new era for Nick Devitt, and if he keeps heading in this direction, it’s an era you don’t want to miss.

4. Zzz.

 Zzz. is officially making his debut here at Chiefers and I couldn’t be more stoked to be the one who gets to do so. I mean, wow; this submission had me in a trance during the stream as I felt like his voice was feeding my soul with sadness and overwhelming emotions all hidden behind my glossy, empty eyes. With stripped-back acoustic production accompanied only by the voice of Zzz., this record could not be more authentic and raw. It’s a feeler, that’s for sure; so much power behind the lyrics and emotion in his approach. It was clear to me right away during my first listen that this one was special. If you haven’t heard of Zzz. before, his latest single “Worth It 2” is a great place to dive right in.

5. GarciahVee

Wrapping it up with an artist that certainly stood out from the others, GarciahVee pulled up to the stream with an absolute BANGER. His dirty-hitting rap record, “Came From Nothing,” comes in harsh off the rip with an angry, assertive message before quickly dropping the listener into the depths of hell. The demonic vocal FX over the bass-heavy drop creates a head-banging experience that is hard asf. Immediately threw this one into my gym playlist and dragged it to the top. When it’s energy and motivation that you need, look no further than this track because it checks all the boxes and more.

That concludes this week’s incredibly stacked list of favorites from our Instagram Live Series. Thank you all so much again for participating! If you missed out this time, don’t worry; we will be back again soon. Until then, keep up with all the announcements on our Instagram. Any updates regarding the Instagram Live Streams will be posted there, so make sure to turn on our post notifications!


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