Exclusive: Diving into Streetwear with George Hammond and his “Clean” Selection



I recently got the chance to link with George Hammond, the founder of the brand CLEAN before his next drop today on February 8th! George is a hardworking guy from Kalamazoo Michigan and he simply has a knack for creating effortlessly stylish clothing! He listens to underground rap, with his top five including the likes of Pouya, Yung Bans, Travis $cott, and Big Baby Scumbag. He also likes to switch it up with Rex Orange County from time to time.

CLEAN came to him through the wonders of skateboarding and he has picked it up and ran with it. He first came up with the idea for this brand in high school and after moving to Grand Rapids five years ago, he began to get more serious about his plan to have a clothing brand. Enrolling in Kendall College of Art and Design, it was there that he honed his talents and began to produce his brand as we know it today! George likes college for its atmosphere and for the chance to learn more about oneself, but not the financial aspect.

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I asked him about his passions and why he makes clothing, and he simply replied with the fact that he loves it. As a true creative, he feels a connection to his collections and he would like to be a platform to promote his friends creativity as well. As far as the clothing itself goes, George’s favorite season is no doubt Fall/Winter. Coming from a city where the temperatures recently were in the 10’s, dressing for the cold is the norm. Still, he rocks his hoodies throughout summer, and his preference is shown in his upcoming collection through the sleek hoodies and zip-ups. DROwGc1WAAAMetC I asked him about his plans for the future, and he plans to do more color ways, along with skateboards coming soon! It’s exciting to see the brand get back to its roots as he also teased some videos upcoming later on this year. Stay tuned for more!


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