Exclusive: Dommy Divine Talks Growing Up in Massachusetts, How He Got Into Music & More


Boston’s Dommy Divine is one of the most unique artist/talent managers that you’ll ever come across in the modern music industry. He’s bright (in the best way possible), boisterous, and one of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life. He’s one of the hardest working people I ever come across, having worked with amazing acts such as Peep, Lil Tracy, CHXPO, Slug Christ, Black Kray, GBC and so much more. Dommy went on to create Divine Minds, which is a management/label service, and has helped curate most of the underground community that we know and love today. I first met Dommy on the 10th floor of Alamo Records at a Slug Christ and CHXPO meeting, and since then, we’ve stay connected. We talked about a variety of topics for what seemed like hours, hitting topics such as the underground community, his start in music and much more, so I figured we might as well make it an interview. And here we are. So, without further ado, check out the latest Q&A below. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Q: First off, where were you born and raised, and how did you first get your start in the music industry?

A: I was born in New Hampshire but raised in Massachusetts. I went to school in one state and played sports in the other so I consider both of them as my home.

The way I got my start in music originally by my clothing brand, and I was reaching out to artists over twitter to send them gear and eventually I started linking them at shows and starting relationships that would eventually lead to business in the near future.

Q: How do you think your upbringing helped shape your approach in the music field?

A: Man, I’m so thankful for my parents. When I was growing up I didn’t appreciate them or realize they were looking out for me. Because I used to be a huge trouble maker, I set the record for detentions in middle school and got expelled from high school! But my parents always provided a stable home for me and taught me the value of a dollar and how to save and spend wisely. That’s a tool I use today when working with artists and helping them build their businesses and manage money.

Q: When did you start to make music a full time gig?

A: It’s crazy to think back about how many artists lives I’ve come across and had some sort of chapter in their lives, or just being apart of their story. At the time being I wasn’t conscious to what was going on, I just was doing what felt right to me and was chasing a dream, eventually grinding away doing whatever it was from driving tour buses to doing merch all the way to sleeping don Krez floor in LA back in 2016 the first time I was in LA. Rest In Peace, Gus ?

Q: You’ve worked with the likes of CHXPO, Slug Christ, Peep, Lil Tracy and so many others, when did you start to notice how many stars you’ve worked with, and what characteristics do you think make up a successful artist?

A: I think anybody truly can be a star, and it’s within all of us. I think something that you must possess to be able to ignite that shooting star inside of you is the ability to not give a fuck about what others are thinking of you and your decisions. If I had listened to everybody growing up I would’ve went to college and been an accountant for a corporation, or even worst, I could’ve been in the military.

Q: Who is currently on your roster as far as management goes?

A: Man, I work with so many artists doing small things from booking and social media management to consulting and tour management, so I’ve always got a nice roster that’s forever evolving. But some of the guys I’m working with more frequently would be CHXPO, Slug Christ , Little Pain, Black Kray, GBC, and DJ Smokey. Also, I have booked Lil Tracy for the most shows, and they’ve all been in Massachusetts. Weird flex, but ok, Dommy.

Q: When did you start Divine Minds?

A: Divine Minds was started in 2012 but wasn’t really manufacturing content until 2013.

Divine Minds was originally funded by me entering a business contest at my school (I went to community college for a year), I pitched the concept of Divine Minds in front of the dean and other professors, along with about 100 other students. I ended up winning that contest and it came along with a 500$ seed grant. Which I then proceeded to drop out immediately and go on Microsoft paint and make a simple design and buy tank tops with the 500$ and that’s how the first Divine Minds item was created.

Q: Do you have plans to start your own label?

A: Do I have plans to start a label ? I mean, I can’t give away all my secret sauces. A lot of these cats be stealing ideas, it’s sad, but I can let you know I have all the means to start a label, and already have released songs with Tracy and CHXPO through Divine Minds and Sony collaboratively.

Q: You just threw a major show with Juice World, Tracy and more, when’s the next big show coming?

A: Yeah, man, that show was a dream come true. I was just thinking, in the past 2 years, I started throwing shows that were 100 people deep, then I swiftly moved myself up the ranks to 300 person shows, and eventually to a 600 person underground festival I called “Divine Minds Fest,” It featured some of my favorite artists, such as Tracy, CHXPO, Slug Christ, Dylan Ross, Coldhart, Little Pain, Black Kray and much more. Then, about 3 months later, I threw the largest underground show in New England history at 3,000 people strong. I was in amazement that I could get together that many people. So, yeah, you catch my drift that every show essentially we go up in size. I won’t stop until we’re doing 50,000 people festivals like my big bros at Rolling Loud.

Next big show will be in early 2019 I’m taking some time to decompress.

Q: You just recently signed over at Sony as an A&R, how has that been and whats it been like?

A: It’s whatever, man. I’m not a fan of these major labels, they can get you a bag, but theirs so much fakeness and big business that sometimes the music and passion gets washed away by the suits. But shit, I gotta get behind enemy lines to learn and take away knowledge for when the time that comes for us to piece everything together.

Q: Whats your goals for the next year?

A: Few of my goals for 2019, definitely Want to double my last show, so a 6,000 person show. I also want to tour Europe 2-3 times. We did fashion week in Berlin, Germany last month and that was one of the best experiences of my life. I also wanna move my parents to Cali, that’d be dope.


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