Exclusive Interview: A Chat with Fenix Flexin


When it comes to Shoreline Mafia and the early Los Angeles movements, we’ve been following their journey for a few years now. When it comes to the sonics of the music, Fenix Flexin and the Shoreline Mafia crew have inspired a whole generation of new artists making the “new Los Angeles” sound a mainstream sound. Shit, you can’t even travel to New York without hearing Fenix Flexin blasting out of car speakers. It’s that deep.

Now that Fenix has taken the solo route, Fenix‘s debut mixtape Fenix Flexin Vol. 1 is our first experience of being a solo artist and it doesn’t disappoint. Not that it changes much, the music is still immensely fire and yet again takes the sonics to a different boundary.

Recently, I hit Fenix on the phone to talk about the recently released project and his future goals as a solo artist. Speaking on his relationship with RonRon the producer, Fenix spoke on how they focused on making the music different than traditional “Cali rap,” along with the other producers on the project.

When I asked him about what it felt like to be a solo artist on this project, Fenix stated “I’m excited. This is really going to stamp me as an individual. People have been hearing that I’m a solo artist but there hasn’t been a project attached to me until now.”

Amongst the entirety of the project, one of the standout records as the be “Wockiana,” the love-inspired lean record that gives you typical Fenix Flexin vibes but with a unique twist.

“Wockiana is a song I wrote about my demons, but it’s also a song I really vibe with, it’s like looking backwards and forwards at the same time.”

“I’m constantly making music so it feels good to finally be in a place where I can get some it out. I’m not ready to stop either, this is just a taste of what’s to come.”

Throughout Fenix Flexin Vol. 1, Fenix continues to flex his individuality by switching up the typical “West Coast” sound. On “For Me,” which was produced by RonRon, we get the same energy that we’re use to from Fenix and RonRon but without that typical LA bounce. On “What’s The Move” and “Respectfully” featuring Drakeo the Ruler, you get that gritty Fenix that we’re use to. Press play on that bitch in the gym and you’ll find yourself hitting your personal record ASAP.

To wrap up the album, Fenix Flexin used his features PesoPeso, BravoTheBagChaser, Rob Vicious, and more to round out the album colorfully. All in all, Fenix proved himself well as a solo artist and we’re looking forward to the next release which is hopefully coming in the next few months. Tap in.

Stream Fenix Flexin Vol. 1 down below.

Photos by Sophie.


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