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Exclusive Interview: Goldenboy Countup talks “Love Golden 2”, Growing up in DeLand, FL, and more

No matter what your opinions may be about Goldenboy Countup‘s music, one thing you can’t take away from his craft is how authentic it is. Golden talks candidly in his music about his extravagant lifestyle, taste in women, and his recent come-up. He even confirmed that he and his friends talk in the third person in the same way he does in his music.

His new project Love Golden 2 feels more polished than past projects with more defined hooks on tracks like “Foot Fetish” and “Real Baby” as well as big-name cameos from Luh Tyler and Loe Shimmy.

However, despite the project having a cleaner feel with well-assembled songs, nothing much has changed in regard to how he approaches his craft. This is simply a natural evolution of Golden.

Love Golden 2 was the fastest tape I ever recorded. It’s just that I’m maturing fam, I’m just getting a little money, thinking about different shit. It seems like I’m taking more time because you don’t hear chicken in that motherfucker every other word,” he explained in our interview.

Much of his self-confidence stems from rapping since he was a kid and surrounding himself with a team of close friends and family.

Growing up in DeLand, FL, Golden was introduced to music through his mother who put him on to Southern rap titans like The Big Tymers and Hot Boys.

Beginning his rap career at 13, many of Golden‘s first songs sounded “exactly like Lil Wayne and Lil Boosie”. 

When asked how he got his name, the Florida standout explained: “Countup didn’t really come in until we were leaving high school or dropping out of high school but I’ve always been Goldenboy though. Everyone always called me Golden.” It’s also convenient that his last name is Golden and his mother’s last name was Green.

Despite rapping since 13, Golden explained that he didn’t begin to truly take things seriously until two years ago when “Bae” from his album Golden Opportunity started gaining traction in DeLand and its surrounding cities.

In 2021, Golden released Coach Golden which featured his breakout track “2am in L.A” and a collaboration with Memphis standout Action Pack AP. Countup went on to receive heavy support from Rod Wave, sign a deal with Simple Stupid Records/Interscope, and define the Florida motion music sound.

Golden‘s sound continues to evolve and with a slew of projects on the way, he looks to make this year his best yet.

Check out “Love Golden 2” below!


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