Exclusive: PG Ra Talks New Album, Relationship with JetsonMade and 18Veno and More


Since releasing his 2019 album Blowing Candles, PG Ra has dominated the South Carolina rap scene. His choppy flows and introspective lyrics matched with production from frequent collaborators Jetson and Neeko Baby sets himself apart from his Southern contemporaries. Ra‘s new project Rare Breed blends the grittiness that fans have come to love about him with some new sounds that you might not expect.

Making “Selfish” with 6lack

One of the best surprises this album has to offer is the 6lack assisted lead single, “Selfish.” The track deals with Ra and 6lack needing to vent to a significant other but not knowing whether or not they’ll be ready to listen. The 23-year-old rapper’s anguish over having to bottle his feelings blends perfectly with 6lack‘s pensive lyrics and melancholy melodies.

“To be real [the collaboration] was just so unexpected because we’re just two different types of people like bro rock with me for real. He really showed me not to get it misconstrued that there are still real people in this industry,” Ra explained.

However, as enjoyable as this change of pace was, Rare Breed was executive produced by Jetson, and featured guest verses from the late 18Veno, Seddy Hendrix, and emerging talent, Highway.

Relationship with Jetson and 18Veno

It’s no secret that PG and Jetson are locked in on a different level. Jetson has played a heavy role in refining Ra‘s sound and has been the dominant producer on all three of PG‘s full-length projects.

When speaking on how the two met, Ra explained:

“I ended up buying a beat from him probably 3-4 years ago and he ended up coming to the session…I recorded on a different beat, but as soon as I recorded…I came out the studio and he’s like ‘yeah bro we gotta lock in like I ain’t charging you no more, none of that’. Been history ever since then.”

Jetson was also the reason that PG was able to forge a close friendship with 18Veno, who tragically passed away earlier this year. However, things weren’t always cool between the two.

“When I first came around, I was the first artist Jet[son] was fucking with, so it kinda had me on some selfish shit like I don’t want nobody else to get the spotlight but me,” Ra explained.

The South Carolina rapper would soon get over his issues with Veno after seeing how passionate and driven he was about his craft. PG emphasized how genuine the young rapper was despite growing a buzz so quickly in an industry that doesn’t always reward kindness.

“The last time we were together, it seemed like we were the closest and he died right after that. [Veno’s] last words to me was ‘love y’all boys’. He never told me that shit before,” Ra stated. PG and Veno‘s bond lives on through their collab “Walk Down”, a cut that highlights their artillery as well as the loyalty they show to their loved ones.

What to Look Forward to From PG Ra

Given the blend between vintage PG and a new, more mature version of himself, Ra looks forward to expanding his sound and his brand.

“I think [Rare Breed] is doing what it did because they’re hearing a lot of different PG now bro like shit that I never tried before that I tried on this album. It ain’t nothing that I’m against trying right now, I just gotta be comfortable with it.”

Stream Rare Breed below!


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