Exclusive: StoopidXool on his Name, Fredo Santana, & BeatPluggz


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You might recognize StoopidXool from his work with some of your favorite rappers, including: Ron$0Cold, Yung Bans, or Famous Dex. As a founding member of the Beat Pluggz movement, Stoopid has greatly influenced sounds we hear today. We linked up with the Florida-born producer to chop it up and discuss some of his experiences.

DailyChiefers: How often do people ask how to pronounce your name?

StoopidXool: I would say it happens a lot [laughs]. A lot of people think it’s actually pronounced with the X. Most of the people know it’s pronounced like “cool” because of my tag on songs.

DailyChiefers: Can you talk a bit more on the Pluggz movement, who is involved and how it formed?

StoopidXool: Probably like three years ago I had a crazy idea that I need a group. I hit up my boy Beat Pluggz and A$att Beats saying we need to start a group. We were just trying to come up with a name and A$att thought of Pluggz. Later on, I saw what Mexikodro was doing and added him, Beat Pluggz added Corey Lingo and Polo Boy Shawty. We started collaborating and the rest is history.

DailyChiefers: You and Fredo Santana had some great songs on Plugged in. What was your experience working with him?

StoopidXool: Fredo was cool man; he used to always hit me up, trying to get us to send beats and finish that tape. That tape is legendary bro, working with Fredo Santana, for him to even notice me, or us as a movement, is legendary. The fact he reached out and wanted to make a tape is legendary. For him to name thar whole tape “Plugged In” was big, it solidified our movement and the work we had been putting in.

DailyChiefers: I’ve noticed multiple tutorial videos on YouTube for people making “StoopidXool” type beats. How does that feel?

StoopidXool: I mean it feels sweet, almost bittersweet. You’ve got people looking up to you, inspired by what your doing. I used to find inspiration from other producers too; I caught myself making type beats at one point. I don’t look at it as a bad thing, it feels good having people look up to you, it’s cool.

DailyChiefers: You’ve got such a unique sound. Who are a few producers that inspired you growing up?

StoopidXool: Zaytoven was a big influence, probably a major influence coming up. He produced for most all the artist I grew up listening to. I would say Zaytoven, Mike Will, people like them coming up.

DailyChiefers: One of my favorite albums of last year was “Flee Going Stoopid.” How did that project come together?

StoopidXool: How’d that come about? My boy KJ he hit me up, I guess Flee had heard some of my songs on Soundcloud and was fucking with the sound. KJ hit me and brought me out here, Flee and I got in the studio and just worked on a lot of songs. He said we should make a tape, we put that together and it came out. Flee and I got good chemistry, that man is hype. I’ll be cooling in the studio but he’ll be right there hyping me up. You hear how our music sounds, he’s like family.


DailyChiefers: You’ve worked with an impressive who’s who of rappers today; have there been any artists you’ve worked with that were surreal.

StoopidXool: Uhm, probably the first time I got in with Famous Dex, he was like real popping then, I was like damn. I don’t know there’s a lot of them, Famous Dex I was going crazy. That was the first big placement. Maybe when I was in the studio with Gunna, that was real crazy, kind of surreal.

DailyChiefers: How’d you make Kame in with D savage

StoopidXool: Man! I had just made that beat the day before on a beat pill. I got in the studio with bro, he asked to hear a couple tracks, I played that one and he jumped to the booth and made Kame In. I was like damn bro, watching him in the studio spazzing on my beat. That song is fire.

DailyChiefersAny other music coming soon?

StoopidXool: I got a track with Gunna coming; I’m trying to get this EP out. Got some stuff with Lotto Savage, more songs with D Savage, Flee and I are still working. Got some stuff with Diego Money, shit there’s a lot of stuff I’m trying to do!


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