Fabolous Teaches You How To Make A Situation “Lit”


Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2013 Presented By Play GIG-IT - SHOW

On the 29th episode of their Rap PSA by Noisey, they decided to go with the 90’s man himself, Fabolous. In this episode, Fab teaches us how to create a lituation –aka anyway that you can make a situation “lit,” even if you’re in a situation that causes you not to be.

How do you turn up? We all have our own ways, but we’re all probably not famous rappers who turn up for a living. Today, we have Fabolous delivering a nice little lesson on how to make your current situation a lituation (which, for the record, is a situation that is lit). And hey, just so you know, not everything has to involve abusing substances. Our daily lives can be lituations—you just have to take whatever you’re given, and live your best life.



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