Familiarize Yourself With Houston Rapper Aaron May On “Ride”


This 17-year old is next up. Hailing from Houston, Texas is a rapper who goes by the name of Aaron May, who uniquely blends old-school rap flow with a new-school sound and look. His first track and corresponding visual in “Ride” is a smooth jam that speaks on his life, his friends, his bitches, his vices and more. The visual itself, directed by Erik Ponce, shows Aaron May strolling around his town, riding on some bikes with the squad and posting up with his homies smoking a blunt. All the meanwhile, it’s an entertaining visual giving us some insight on what life looks like from the eyes of Aaron May. The False Ego-produced track is smooth as fuck and allows for May to melodically deliver a catchy hook in addition to consistently dropping fire off fire bars. It’s fucking refreshing to have a young artist coming out who’s bringing back some old trends that some can argue are being overshadowed by the rapid rise in ‘SoundCloud Rap’ and corresponding sub-genres. Either way, Aaron May is coming with the heat, and I recommend you tap in now before you’re just too late. Check out the video for “Ride” above and let us know what you think on Twitter or in the comments section!


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