Foxxdye Is An Alternative Trio That You Need To Know


Yes we know we are very rap-leaning over here but this one is undeniable. Foxxdye has gifted the world their new single “Between The Lines”. This is a technicolor effort with wondrous instrumentation and intoxicating vocals from Seth Marques. With Jae Carrascal on the drums and Colin Peck on the bass, this trio presented the world with a true smash that just needs to be discovered.

In these visuals directed by Annie Yan, we see our protagonist caught in his feelings about his friend’s girlfriend. He’s trying to decipher whether or not she feels the same way too, but this love is forbidden for obvious reasons and this complicates the plot. Instead of just delivering a drab old variation of a music video, this grouping of creatives wanted to showcase a real piece of art. Not only does the song scratch an itch that the ear has been looking for, but this melding of audio and visual makes for a stellar moment from start to finish.

The vocals are a breath of fresh air from monotonous modern music. The instrumentation aids and only accents the lyrical prowess, so overall this cohesion is something special. Foxxdye might not have been on your radar now, but after this one, we think you’ll be tapping in.


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