Freestyle Contest: The Gilligan’s Island Beat Tape



Over here at Daily Chiefers, our goal has always been to deliver the latest music and introduce you to new talent. In this new internet era, it gets hard to discover new talent because there just so much content online these days. That’s why we set up this new freestyle contest that will make the finding new talent process a lot easier for us and help up and coming artists get their music out there to a big audience.  So if you’re an upcoming artist who have been emailing us your music to no luck or trying to get noticed, here’s your chance to get featured on our website.  Hit the jump for more details.


We recently linked up with The Yachts to drop this new instrumental project titled The Gilligan’s Island Beat Tape.  After bumping the tape for a few days, I just knew these beats were way too nice to not have raps on them.  That’s why we set up this freestyle contest.


Only 3-5 freestyles will be selected to be posted
– First freestyle will be selected once a good amount of submissions have been submitted, the earlier the better
– No two freestyles over the same beat will be featured
– Freestyles must be uploaded to your own personal Soundcloud (and give proper credit to producer)
– Be unique; if you want to attempt a song instead of a freestyle, that will be even more impressive
– No group submissions please
– Please don’t submit unmastered/unmixed tracks; presentation is key
– You can create your own artwork if you likete


Matt The Fucking Rapper – Shipwrecked (prod. MattMadeTheBeat)
SiR astRo – Hawaii Kush (prod. Noel Figuereo)
Verbal Van Gogh – S.O.S. (prod. BanksOnTheBeat)

Please email all contest submissions to:

Once we have chosen our winners, the best out of that group will receive a Daily Chiefers grinder and stickers from us and The Yachts. Again, this is a great chance for you to get noticed by us if your music never got through to us. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t win this contest. If you truly believe in yourself and your talent, give this a shot since you got nothing to lose.  Good luck.




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