Friday Heat Check: Brockhampton, Zack Fox, Fousheé, and More!


Man On The Moon by Brockhampton

Brockhampton is officially over; the band is done. The self-proclaimed boy band dropped their last projects yesterday, and it’s been a ride. The official final album, The Family, was a genuine soul tape-inspired record only featuring Kevin Abstract and nobody else from the group. This project was raw and let the fans in on the inner turmoil of the group. However, later that night, they dropped TM a record with all the members. “Man On The Moon” is my favorite record from this project.

Sipping My Tea by Zack Fox

Zack Fox has been proving himself as a rapper for a while now, and in “Sipping My Tea” he shows substantial growth. With wailing synths production that feels clunky in all the right ways, Zack finds his pocket in a significant way. With witty/tongue and cheek bars, his voice as a writer is strong. I love the zany reference; I can’t get them from other artists. This a record you need to check out.

Spend The Money by Fousheé (ft Lil Uzi Vert)

Fousheé has been an artist on my radar for a while, but I’ve known her for Neo-soul-leaning R&B. “Spend The Money” is more of a rock-leaning record with some chilled riffs with some distortion. It’s a nice change of pace, and I love how glitchy the production is and her cadence. Lil Uzi Vert gives a solid feature on the record as well.

Evangelion by Josh Maison

If you like chilled-out hyper-pop, then “Evangelion” by Josh Maison is the record for you. The groove of the production brings a fun bounce to the record, allowing him to catch some great pockets. It’s light and airy; I think this is a record I will return to often.

Down in Atlanta by Pharrell (ft Travis Scott)

I’m a Pharrell stan and always looking for a new record. “Down in Atlanta” is a Skateboard P produced track with Travis Scott crooning over it. The beat has funk-inspired basslines and seems more poppy than your average Travis. I like how takes him out of his comfort zone into a new lane. This isn’t my favorite record, but It’s a solid one.

Cold Shoulder by Bliss Samsa

I’m a little late to this record, but “Cold Shoulder” is a particular song. Bliss Samsa is a one of one artist, and this is only the begging. This song has some angelic harmonies and driving production. It feels like the evolution of MGMT, and I think we are starting for someone to dominate this pocket. Check out this record for your well-being.


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