Friday Heat Check: Dijon, Saba, Amine and More!


Big Mike’s by Dijon

I’ve been waiting a long time for this new Dijon project. From start to finish Absolutely is a debut for the books. Covering many themes and styles I feel like this singer has proven himself to be a shining star of up-and-coming music. “Big Mike’s” is the intro track to the project and is a slow build. I love the lyricism because it’s extremely intimate and powerful.

Fearmonger by Saba (ft Daound)

Saba just announced he will be dropping a follow-up project to his classic Care For Me. “Fearmonger” is the first single for his rollout and it’s a surprising change of style for the Chicago Emcee. We get the lyrically dense verse from Saba but it’s over very funky instrumentation. This is the first I’ve heard him take this approach but it works oddly well. The hook is smooth as hell as well. Definitely check this out.

Neo by Amine

TWOPOINTFIVE is a project that I was anticipating because I was such a big fan of the original mixtape. I love that Amine takes a more straightforward approach during this mixtape series and “Neo” is exactly. A smooth trap banger that has great energy and interesting wordplay. This is a fun record that anybody can enjoy.


Cool, Calm & Collected by Pressa (ft Swae Lee)

Toronto’s coldest Pressa collaborates with Swae Lee and gives a banger we never know we needed. This to me seemed like an unexpected pairing but now I want them to work together more in the future. Th3e first lego of the record is Swae dropping a clean hook and solid verse. However, Pressa slides on the second half of the verse with his strange voice and delivery.

Bad Life by Omar Apollo (ft Kali Uchis) 

If you follow my writing you know how big of an Omar Apollo fan I am. So when I knew he would be dropping a record with his good friend Kali Uchis, I was excited. “Bad Life” is a smooth guitar ballad about faking your true feelings from someone and not being the true you. Omar and Kali sound beautiful in the song especially, when they harmonize near the end. Plus the visuals are off the chain as well.

Californication by Col3trane

We all need a trip and a break from what we know. So why not take a trip to California? Col3trane will take you there on “Californication” this is a smooth upbeat R&B record that has some house influences. Making it a song that we can all dance to and enjoy a great night out. This music video is A1.


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