Friday Heat Check: Drake, Kanye West, Tobi Lou and, More


Girls Want Girls (Featuring Lil Baby) by Drake

Certified Lover Boy is here, and it’s the album I think we have been waiting on this summer. Drake has over delivered on the project with great production choices, and some killer flows. To me, a standout record is “Girls Want Girls” I love the tongue-in-cheek nature of the record. We find Drake in rare form on the record, while Lil Baby continues to impress with this crazy run he’s having. 

Come to Life by Kanye West

I know this week is going to be ahead to head battle between Drake and Kanye, but the appreciation for both artists needs to be recognized. “Come to Life” off of Donda is an extremely inspirational and motivational song on the tracklist. The illustrious keys bring from start to finish and the way the music builds through the run time is remarkable. The music video is ripped straight from the Livestream, and we get to see Mr.West light himself on fire. I love this song off the project, and it is a gem. 

Wide Open by Tobi Lou 

Tobi Lou is finally back with new music, and I’m happy as fuck! “Wide Open” is a smooth record that he boasts about being open in many different situations. I love the group vocals on the chorus, and the harmonies lay underneath most of the song. The only thing that kills me is how short the song is! I need more, but I guess that’s a great problem to have. I hope Tobi has more new music on the way. 

Good Ones by Charli XCX

Charli XCX has been doing her thing for a while now, but as she releases more music, I become more enamored. “Good Ones” is her latest single, and it goooooooeeeeeessss! We got some driving lead synths and some crunchy drums with production. Vocally Charli gives us a strong delivery but on the hook, she utilizes a tantalizing falsetto. I’m very impressed with this record and can’t wait to see what other music she has on the way. 

Fix Your Face by Seeyousoon

I’ve given so much praise to Seeyousoon over the past months because I champion this group. They continue to push boundaries and amaze me as a fan with their newer releases. “Fix Your Face” is just another instance of that occurring. The futuristic production is impeccable, and the flows given by the group are off the charts. The hook will be stuck in your head after one listen. I almost forgot to mention the song is paired with a sick video too! Check it out below!

Billie (Loving Arms) by Fred Again…

Since moving to Miami, I’ve been getting more into house music, and the genre has begun to grow on me. “Billie (Loving Arms)” by Fred Again.. has had a hold on me since I’ve heard. The glimmering production and upbeat tempo make for an enjoyable listening experience. There’s not much to say about the record because it speaks for itself; I highly recommend you give it a spin.