Friday Heat Check: Freddie Gibbs, KAYTRANADA, Kanye, and More!


Intimidated by KAYTRANADA (ft H.E.R.)

After seeing KAYTRANADA live, I have a whole new respect for him as an artist. So I was excited to hear he was dropping an E.P. “Intimidated” is a bounce track that has lush vocals from H.E.R. I enjoy the groove both of these musicians catch on the song and think it’s going to be a one-of-a-kind type of record.

Life Of The Party by Kanye West (ft Andre 3000)

The song of the year is finally out. After being leaked by Drake, we get the highly anticipated “Life Of The Party” off of Donda (Deluxe)This record is lyrical prowess at its finest with a captivating verse from Andre 3000. Where he discusses the loss of his mother and the innocence of youth. Kanye gives a stunning performance over the sample laced instrumental.

mememe by 100 Gecs

It’s been a while since we got some new music from the multi-genre duo. “mememe” shows that 100 Gecs has only gotten better since the last project. I love the juxtaposition of the ringtone era pop and the slick guitar riffs that lace the track. It’s fun and as creative as I would hope a Gec’s record would be! Check this one out!

Black Illuminati by Freddie Gibbs (Ft Jadakiss)

The bald assassin Freddie Gibbs seems like he’s out for blood on his latest single, “Black Illuminati”. This is a bar-heavy record that’s flow will have you in a trance. We get witty wordplay from Gibbs, and the confidence he brings is Immaculate. Jadakiss also gives us some bars, and it’s honestly one of my favorite guest appearances from him as of late. If you like hip-hop, you should probably tune in.

Yamz by Masego (ft Devin Morrison)

“Yamz” brings me back to my childhood and has a nostalgic quality that is heartwarming. Masego has outdone himself on this song because I was in utter disbelief on my first listen. It honestly feels like something my Dad would play in the car when I was a kid. In the song, we get the concept defined by the line “I got bills to pay,” and that should you tell you everything. This is a fun throwback joint that will bring you back to the cookouts of our childhood.

Stop That by Saba

Preparing for the release of his next project, Saba has been dropping singles to get his fans excited. “Stop That” is a trap-inspired Rhymefest, where we get some introspective bars from the Chicago-based Emcee. We get some beautiful shots of him in a Tesla and poolside in the visual, but what stood out to me is, “What is the cost of Fear?”. I feel as if this will be a central theme of his next project, and I am excited about how he will tackle such a topic. Sonically, this isn’t my favorite works from Saba, but I am excited to see how it fits in the context of a mixtape/album.


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