Friday Heat Check: Paris Texas, Kota The Friend, Lance Redeker, and More!


Cyanide by Paris Texas

Paris Texas is back with a significant return with their latest single, “Cyanide”! The way this duo fuses alternative rock and hip-hop are terrific. This showcases why they are some of the most exciting acts to pay attention to. The song is about a girl being poisonous to you, and the music video helps push that narrative where we see the duo getting shot by arrows in a gory fashion! Honestly, I’m delighted with this release!

Soho house by Kota The Friend (ft Hello O’shay)

Kota the Friend just dropped his latest album, Memo. As to be expected, this is a great project, and I found “Soho House” to be my favorite record. This is an upbeat jazz-inspired record that we get a taste of personal bars. Kota is in rare form on this song, and I can’t get enough of the hook! It’s so playful but beautiful in the best way possible!

All Mine by Brent Faiyaz

Wasteland can’t be any better than this! “All Mine” is an ode to a past relationship that was positive and negative. I love the dichotomy he points out in this specific relationship. Brent Faiyaz’s growth has been so noticeable on this record, with cleaner harmonies and some of his best songwriting. “I’ll love you better if you let me” hits so crazy! Congratulations to Brent for dropping this insane project!

Honey by Lance Rederek (ft AG Club & Sam Truth)

Lance Rederek would pop up on my For You Page promoting this song every once and a while. I found myself enjoying the snippet, but I forgot about the song because it wasn’t on streaming services. I’m just finding out it dropped and has an All-Star lineup; featuring AG Club and Sam Truth! “Honey” is a feel-good record that will get the summer vibes right in any situation. Check it out; you won’t be disappointed!

EBT Freestyle by Jiles

Van Buren’s Jiles is in a more feverous state than I’ve ever seen on his latest drop, “EBT Freestyle”. He’s coming through with masterfully curated floes, and his unique delivery makes all the difference. Not many people can rap like this, and it shows that Jiles is leagues ahead of most. Show love to this freestyle; I’m excited to see what’s coming next for him.

Das Me by Pote Baby

Pote Baby gives us the extended version of “Das Me” with a smooth visual. I’ve been a big advocate for Pote Baby supremacy for a while now. I always enjoy an artist that has the versatility that he does. You get some of his most thought-provoking bars and smooth flows on this record. You can’t be mad about how skilled he is! Stream the Turtle Crossing EP!



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