Friday Heat Check: Smino, Johan Lenox, ericadoa, and More! 


I Deserve by Smino (ft NOS.)

Charisma personified is Smino. Especially on “ I Deserve” because he floats like Mohamed Ali all over the instrumental. There aren’t too many artists that can flow like Smi; he somehow finds the strangest pockets that resonate so much. It’s always a pleasure to get new music from him! 

You Up? by Johan Lenox (ft Ant Clemons)

Johan Lenox has been on a grind this 2021, and it’s very respected. Releasing single after single and making time to engage with his fans on social media, I don’t know how he has the time to create. Somehow he does, and from his brilliant mind, we get “ You Up”! This is a late-night banger that is relatable to everyone because we all have sent that text. Ant Clemons gives a fantastic guest feature on the record too. This is a certified Bop. 

Magic by Seeyousoon

Seeyousoon just dropped their debut album HZLIKEHELL, and it’s filled with bangers. My favorite is “Magic” . I love the upbeat tempo and electronic production. Lately, I’ve been getting into house music, and this is a perfect combination of that and Hip-Hop. We get hard-hitting bars from the posse and unique voices throughout the record. Making for a well-balanced experience, and it never feels stale. Please take a listen to the album and have your socks blown off! 

Peaches by Nico Tripodi

“Peaches” is a beautiful record that gets me in my feels. Nico Tripodi has been on my radar for a while, and I’ve only seen him progress with time. I feel that this record is easily his best to date and makes me excited to see where he will take his artistry. I love the airy guitars and the relaxed vocal delivery, but the songwriting is what sells it for me. It’s so intimate and personal that I feel like I’m watching a movie. I love this song!

Doctor, My Eyes by Khamari 

Massachusetts Khamari has been an artist that took my breath away with his last EP. So to get a new song, I’m ecstatic. “Doctor, My Eyes” is a battle against himself and the struggles of working. He poetically talks about being tired of where he is at in life and can’t see things clearly at the moment. I know I often feel this way and think this song is super relatable. 

Strangers by ericdoa 

Ericdoa has slowly become an artist that I’m invested in. With the pop performances that took him from the niche hyper-pop genre to the mainstream, I think he will be a household name in a few years. “Strangers” is a fun bouncy record that discusses getting to know somebody and them not being strangers anymore. The song gives you the feeling of lust and chaos of really getting to know the person you are into. A great record! 


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