Friday Heat Check: Zack Fox, Seeyousoon, Marquis Filthy, and More! 


Shut the fuck up talking to me by Zack Fox

Internet cult of personality Zack Fox delivers a project that we fans have been dying for. “Shut the fuck up talking to me” is precisely what you would want out of one of his records; outrageous bars, smooth flows, and personality. The project by the same name is a slapper as well, so don’t be surprised if you hear me bumping it today.

Depleted by seeyousoon 

Orlando’s seeyousoon continues their run of singles with “Depleted”. Before hitting the road with 99 Neighbors, seeyousoon decided to feed the fans. This record and visuals are gritty and futuristic. I love how this group always seems to push the genre forward and break boundaries stylistically. This might be one of my favorite records by them. Make sure to check their Instagram to see if they are coming to a city near you!

Mine by Marquis Filthy

Marquis Filthy has been teasing the “Mine” visuals for a while, and each time I’ve become more excited for it. Taking a more cinematic direction in this video, Marquis and Mike Noone created an absolute masterpiece. The record is captivating and smooth but paired with the visual component; it’s something special. Boston is having an artistic renaissance musically, so stay tapped in.

Drake by 94fatso

Drake” by 94fatso is a song that I needed this last summer. It gives off infectious vibes that I can see getting most girls to shake some ass. Fatso gives a melodic performance that really displays his south Florida roots. The complementary music video takes place on a boat with many girls getting lit to the music. This is the perfect party song.

Mayday by My Favorite Color

Mayday” is a banger that must be listened to at extremely high volumes. My Favorite Color has been making a Name for himself in the underground, and I always want to show love to such a great up-and-coming artist. Writing about this single is nothing but easy because it’s exceptionally well crafted and will get your head rocking. I suggest you listen to this on repeat.

Unknown Song by Dijon 

Dijon has been an artist that I’ve become super interested in for the past year or so. So to find out he will be dropping an album in the next few months makes me extremely excited. Following the release of “Many Times” (a fantastic single), we get a sneak peek of a song of the record. Dijon dropped a video where he’s jamming out with his band playing an unreleased record. The energy in that room is insane, and the song sounds incredible. I think this could be a pivotal moment in his career!


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