Gatsby – theredtape [Free Album]


Gatsby - theredtape - Front Cover (By Nate Moore)

Like I said yesterday in the Spray Lodge post, if you are in Tampa right now it is impossible to not know who Gatsby is and what project he is offering up tomorrow. If you aren’t in Tampa you will probably know soon, and theredtape is the reason why. As West Coast Florida city builds some noise, the top players in the scene all offer important pieces to this standout project. Whether it’s Vinny Virgo’s cosmic bars over Santos’ beat for “Really,” Scott Aye’s barrage of literary dexterity on the live piano during “Crowns,” or fellow West Egg crew reps RC and James Diotic sniping features on “GNF” and “Kilo /Paradise” respectively, this project is the benchmark of where the Tampa new school stands right now. Although seven of the ten tracks are produced by Gatsby himself, New York’s TGDJ offers the riding instrumental “Lovely” to start the project, and TimeLess One out of Oregon pushes my personal favorite beat from the tape with”1989.” That isn’t the end of the collaborative efforts that roll through the project with Gatsby as the centrifuge powering it forward, and as a cohesive piece this offering from Gatsby is the step up you would expect from his award winning freshmen attempt thebluetape. Although it doesn’t officially drop till tomorrow, you check it streaming here exclusively after the jump.

UPDATE: Download link has been added.



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