Gee Pop Is A Name You Need To Know, Peep His Visuals For “King Of The B”


Shout to Hesh for putting us on because this is what real Berkeley sounds like. Gee Pop floats above this synthesized bassline thoroughly talking his shit and man is this something special. The ecosystem that is California rap is already so complex with varietals of sounds plastered up the state. But Pop stands out because of his unwavering confidence all while dishing out his cadence in a chill manner.

With direction from IMxSebastian, these frames aren’t overtly complicated though they do showcase what they need to in a crisp fashion. Show Pop with his friends in numerous scenes and let the man cook. “King Of The B” is essential in the conversation for one of the West Coast’s best offerings this year. This production was gifted to us by Bakary Burner and Drew Banga, so send a thank you and peep this gas below.


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