Get Hype: Hyperpop Daily Is Rearranging The Way Hip-Hop Is Covered


Hyperpopdaily has been a major pillar for underground rap for the past few years and continues to support the culture in a unique but pertinent way. HPD is a platform founded in late 2020 as a parody of the often exaggerated and clout-chasing model that these Instagram rap pages have used for years.

With an emphasis on lighthearted trolling and putting on more internet-centric artists, Hyperpop Daily has advanced the careers of acts such as Summrs, Yeat, Nigo Chanel, Smokingskul, and Dom Corleo. HPD has created a crazy cult fanbase to the point where he could post a picture of basically nothing and have it receive over 10,000 likes on the post. HPD has also put together some very influential events of the past few years such as the Ken Carson Pumpkin Contest, HPD Meet & Greet, and the Hyperpop Daily x Regalia Basketball Tournament in LA. Also, seen recently, the captain of the ship had an interview with Kids Take Over that will be released soon.

Coming up in the next 3 months we have the second annual basketball tourney. From the looks of it, this one is going to blow the 1st one out of the water as they continue to add to the event, including making it live-streamed this year (hosted by Encore). The craziest part is they haven’t even announced half of the players and already have confirmed artists such as MattOx, 24kGoldn, DCTheDon and YNW Bslime, and producers include TRGC, 1stClass, Bhristo, and Goyxrd. But now they’ve added creators like KTOArshan, Supremepatty, Elanbia, and boxboyyahir.

With help from another community pillar, Underground Sound, these two are paving a new lane in music media. Essentially it’s breaking the barriers of that underground mindset and garnering some mainstream attention. HPD basks in the concept of if you know you know, and it takes a complex mind to understand how valid this brand is in music.

A real community that allows the fans and artists alike to connect and just be themselves. Opinions are honest in the comments, but it brims with beautiful chaos that is only found there. The blog era dwindled for a little bit, but pages like this have made the game fun again. Music discovery is a dumpster fire already, so let’s just laugh while we do it. And if we take a look inward I think that we would find a little Hyperpop Daily in all of us. Be well.

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