Get To Know Curtis Waters Through His Brand New Project “Pity Party”


Curtis Waters is going to be big… Like, really big. The 20-year-old has been a favorite of ours for some time now, but his new project “Pity Party” reaffirms our suspicion that the kid is something special. Curtis lays it all on the table on this one. Giving the listener a glimpse into his highest highs and lowest lows through a series of tracks that range from upbeat and poppy similar to his track, “Freckles,” to somber, anxiety-stricken tracks like “Suburu” to hints of pop-punk on his track “6Pills.” This album is so unapologetically Curtis.

The Nepali-Canadian artist explains his sophomore album as a “personal coming-of-age story, a way for me to look back on my teenage years and articulate all the extreme emotions I’ve felt.” And that’s exactly what you’re getting the second you press play. So, do just that and enjoy your new favorite album.


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