Glockstar Slim Tears Up Underground Scene with Breakout Visual for “Speed”


Albany native, Glockstar Slim, otherwise known as Slim Rogers, has returned with a smash visual in “Speed,” hosted as a Without Warning exclusive. Known for his ethereal sonic approach, Slim continuously reinvents himself to match the ear of the modern rap listener. Slim cultivates a psyched-out vocal delivery meshed with catchy punchlines fit for any Instagram caption. After just the first listen you’ll have the chorus, “CANT MATCH MY SPEED” looping in your head. It’s bars for the streets like, “N***** who ain’t really in it, the ones who be doing the most” that connect so deeply with the music listener.

The track’s cohesiveness forms in a Fakerich Ovi beat, filled with syncopated high-hats and hard bass kicks that’ll blast through any speaker. The clean visual fully captures the tracks gritty feel coming from Upstate New York work horses, Mike Miller (Videographer) and Jaden Vyent (Editor).

“Speed” is one the hardest songs on streaming platforms right now and is a necessary track for anyone that has love and appreciation for of the underground rap scene. A true two-minute entrance into the life of a Glockstar!


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