Guapdad 4000 Unveils His New Live Music Video For “IZAYAH” With Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats


Guapdad 4000‘s charisma, and humor only add to his talented ways. This guy is the definition of care-free, but he’s handling business as each day goes by. The Ferragamo Falcon took some footage from tour with Denzel Curry and showed how they shut shit down. Both of these guys are brilliant performers, but Denzel is helping Guap get acquainted to the road.

While destroying this reckless production from Kenny Beats, we see Guapdad laid up with some respectable women, cut with scenes of the mosh. This is a great marketing tactic for these artists because it shows off how fun and electric their live performances are. Whenever anyone taps in with Kenny, it’s sure to make our cortex’s bounce. Paul Middleton is the genius behind the lens and he does a stellar job with all of Guapdad‘s media. We’re always here to support young, fly shit, so tap into some heat below.


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