Guwop Reign Drops Yet Another Enticing Track, “Mulan 2”


Georgia continues to impress with young and talented artists. Guwop Reign is yet another diamond in the rough and he returns with another record, “Mulan 2,” produced by Siete and Silo. Mr. Reign follows up with a sequel to “Mulan,” which dropped two months ago and today, we are witnessing the second go around. Guwop Reign continues to prove himself with every song being better than the last. Over time, you can really track the progress Guwop has made with his lyrics and structured records.

As 2020 gets in to full swing, Guwop looks to make it his year again. I’m very excited to see what Guwop has in store this year. If you aren’t familiar with Guwop Reign, be sure to check out all of his discography and I promise you will not be disappointed. Tap in now and listen to Reign’s new song, “Mulan 2,” out now!



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